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Steinway introduced a ceramic parts using 3D printing Piano

Recently, the world's leading brands Steinway piano (Steinway) Franz porcelain manufacturers in cooperation with Taiwan law, using the latest precision ceramic 3D printing technology, the exquisite tiles into the music stand, piano chair, piano or collection box, but also to Taiwan beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake, the emperor Steinway piano to create the perfect new arts environment. Section entitled "Sun and Moon matched" dual-brand pianos piano Sun Moon Lake, the world's limited eight sets, priced at ten million yuan NT. Franz, President Chen Liheng said that the current plans to then West Lake in Hangzhou as a theme, create a "West Lake piano" completion "cross-strait piano" dream.

Franz noted that the company is the world's only 3D printing currently in fine ceramics, fine ceramics of complete high brand. For this type of technology has reached to medical care (such as dental bone), the aerospace industry and other needs, and Franz committed to developing precision ceramic 3D printing technology, but also become a domestic industry first.

Steinway Vivaldi generation family tradition of many generations of treasure, but Vivaldi and beauty porcelain creativity, but became a creative challenge, because wood and tiles still can not close together. After the research team repeated pondering, bold use of precision ceramic 3D printing technology, Franz unprecedented ceramic crafts a fine ceramic screws, the screws not only to maintain the existing ceramics porcelain art "beautiful" texture, but also possess pressure and high hardness "practical" character, make meticulous tiles and wooden piano material perfect combination.

Designers Lijie Wen pointed out that the dual-brand ceramic molding line represents Tianshui Sun Moon Lake, the sun sinking into the lake with the reflection of the shape of hair like, and Baroque totem relief presents luxurious texture. In addition to piano and thin tiles and closely is a major challenge to develop on the outside, fine lines on the tiles mark is generally ceramic unprecedented, these implementation techniques, and both rely on precision ceramic 3D printing technology, forming one, ceramics can not break up thousands of years to the detailed results for the combination of Vivaldi and ceramics adds an artistic another story.