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Cool summer, 3D printing ice cream

These days everyone and small series have the same feeling, that is hot, hot, hot. . . That really makes a sweaty.
Today is the first day of the Volt, the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius soared straight, but a home is sweat ah. In such hot days, blowing air conditioning, eating ice cream, summer is one of the most happy thing.
There are many kinds of ice cream, handmade ice cream, but also we eat popsicles, cones and the like.
But 3D printing of ice cream you have heard of it?
Ice cream 3D printing is a healthy food, and are based on healthy fresh ingredients, and are low-fat low-sugar, which is more in line with modern healthy diet, especially the beauty of the girls no longer have to worry about putting on weight.
3D printing can create a variety of patterns you want, the shape of ice cream. What kind of people and things can be made, and you do not have to worry about the shape of the bag too much difference between the above pattern, the pattern is no longer a reference only, no longer have to buy their own ice cream, but also finished crying. We are also happy to be able to eat it.
"Joe die", "World Cup", "bird tert", "Apple phone" and so on, which you can think of a person or thing can be made into ice cream through the 3D printing technology.
Even Obama like 3D printing ice cream, you have no heart out?