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Uses 3D printer, which features can be realized

3D printing can play a role, according to product design and development process is:
3D printing not only can quickly create prototypes from initial concept design to final product manufacturing, 3D printing in all aspects of product design and manufacture all have transformational advantage.
Many enterprises early in the product design, 3D printing equipment will be used to quickly create a sufficient number of models used to assess not only saves time, but also reduces design flaws. With the progress of product design and development, they will make use of 3D printing repeated hand model for the design of communication, design verification, testing and promotional display assembly, in order to achieve improved product features, lower production costs, better quality, enhance market acceptance aims.
Small quantities of the product prototype stage, 3D printing for quick proofing to provide the best solutions, 3D printed samples can be used to promote shows, market research, test marketing. In mass production areas, it has also been a growing number of companies adopting 3D printing method to accelerate the delivery cycle, reduce customization prices, improved product delivery quality, and increase productivity.
3D printing can play a role, according to different applications industry:
In recent years, the rapid development of 3D printing technology, with the CNC machining, casting, metal spray, silicone molds manufacturing methods combined, the technology has become an effective means of modern models, molds and parts manufacturing in the aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, appliances, biomedical, cultural and creative fields has been a certain application, and teaching and research in engineering applications also occupies a unique position.
Specific applications include:
1, industrial manufacturing: conceptual design, prototyping, product evaluation, functional verification; production of prototype molds or directly print molds, direct printing products. 3D printing of small unmanned aircraft, small car concepts such products have come out. Household appliance model 3D printing is also used corporate promotional and marketing activities;
2, cultural creativity and digital entertainment: the shape and structure of complex materials special artistic expression vectors. Science fiction film "Avatar" created using 3D printing characters and props section, violin 3D printing closer to the level of craftsmanship;
3, aerospace, defense industry: direct manufacture of complex shapes, sizes, fine, special performance parts, bodies;
4, biomedical: artificial bones, teeth, hearing aids, prosthetics and other;
5, consumer goods: jewelry, clothing, footwear, toys, design and manufacture of creative DIY work;
6, construction: the building model and the effect of wind-driven experiments show, building engineering and construction (AEC) simulation;
7. Education: model validation scientific hypothesis for experiments in different disciplines, teaching. In North America, some of the secondary schools, colleges and universities and military academies, 3D printers have been used for teaching and research;
8, customization: network-based data download, print customized personalized e-commerce services.