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          Guangzhou proud of the three-dimensional Technology Co., Ltd., China's 3D printing technology industry alliance, China's 3D printing materials Council member units, Guangzhou City, timber production technology industry association vice president.
           Formerly known as Guangzhou City proud of Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhu Jun and Mr. Xie Jinneng was founded in May 2013, the main 3D printing supplies, machinery, services and peripheral products, with a number of national invention patents, production of international products , The establishment of a number of domestic and international professional sales channels, long-term exports to the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and other mainstream markets, is well-known 3D printing supplies manufacturers.
           The main consumable products include SLA Resin, DLP Resin, PLA, T-ABS, T-PLA, AP-PLA, Metal PLA, PETG, PP, PP-PE, L-PA, H-PA, P-Glass, Rubber, Flexible, Bamboo Wood, Carbon Fiber, PCL, FR PLA and other supplies.
           December 2015, proud of three-dimensional listed company Guangdong Persia Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held, and stationed in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to re-set up production plants, research and development centers and marketing centers, to a new level!
          "Continuous innovation" is the foundation of our development, "diversified cooperation" is our growing philosophy. In just four years time, the proud PopBit brand has been in the industry can not be ignored status, but also fully proved their excellent ability, please our customers continue to support us.